Thursday, July 14, 2011

Papa needs your help

Mason loves visiting Papa and Nana in the country.  He loves helping people who need help.  So...when Papa needed help watering the garden.....

Summertime FUN

Mason has been enjoying the water a lot this summer.  He does the sprinkler at friends houses, took swim lessons and swims in his own pool.  He loves the water!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Hits Joplin

A tornado hit my hometown area of Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, May 22, 2011.  I can't believe the destruction.  It was an F5.  They don't get worse than that.  I feel so helpless but I can't leave Mason and go help.  Every day I hear about more people who have died and the search for people's loved ones.  Thank you, God that my family is safe.  My parents were in the tornado, but came out unharmed.  God was watching over them.  So many little ones who lost parents.  So much destruction.  It breaks my heart.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The School Year Is Almost Over

I will be so happy to spend my summer with Mason and his Daddy.  With the new house we have so much that needs done.  Mike has made quite a list of projects for himself this summer.  That's fine with me.  More Mommy and Mason time for me!

Still no word officially on Madan.  My heart breaks each day that we have no news.

But I have this to look forward to this summer----

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mason's Second Birthday Party

Mason will be 2 on May 5th, but we had his birthday party Saturday, April 30th.  His Papa and Nana bought him a sand/water table.  His Grandpa and Grandma bought him a guitar.  Mason LOVES them both.  It turned a little cold so he can't go outside to play in the sand/water.  But he can sing his heart out and play his guitar. 

Mason's new babysitter had the kids listening to music and dancing the other day.  She said "Mason doesn't like to dance does he?"  She was being serious.  I thought "MY son?!"  He loves to sing and dance.  He even has dances called "The Mason Shuffle", "The New House Dance", "The New Shoes Dance."  It's hilarious how different each dance is!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mason's Surgery A Success

Mason had circumcision surgery on Tuesday.  We had postponed it 3 times because twice he was sick and once the doctor was leaving town.  He is still a little sore.  I wish they did the surgery before the kids came home.  Hopefully he won't remember it much.  Mike had a bladder surgery when he was around 5 and says he barely remembers it. 

Moved In and Ready To Go

We are all moved into our new house!  It is so nice to be out in the country again!  Mike and I both grew up in the country and missed it.  We want our children to have the same opportunity to run and play in the peace and quiet.  Mason loves being outside!  We are getting him a big swing set this summer.  We might as well pitch a tent because he will want to live out there :)